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  2. This form is used for external recruitment into the Arma 3 unit. About us Havoc is a new realism unit started by two enthusiasts of both Arma and other hardcore shooters. It’s hosted by and part of a community called Republic of Gaming that was established in 2017 and hosts a variety of game servers. Havoc was started after a few years of talking about creating our own unit, as we both have always enjoyed making missions in Arma and wanted to share them with others. Havoc’s internal structure and the tactics we will employ most of the time are going to be based on that of the US armed forces. The specific group/branch/faction we actually play as will most likely change depending on campaign/mission. This way members will not have to relearn tactics and such depending on mission but can instead improve on what they already have. What are we looking for? We are looking for people who enjoy tactical game play, who are team players and enjoy Arma as much as we do. We expect you to be mature and willing to be serious when needed but we also want people who we can laugh together with at other times. It does not matter if you are new to Arma or have a lot of experience, everyone is welcome. We require you to be over the age of 16, have a working microphone, speak english, have Teamspeak 3 and a legal copy of Arma 3 What can we offer? We offer fun and exciting missions/campaigns with a story behind them. We offer good training to new members to ensure a smooth transition into our unit. We focus heavily on teamwork and make sure every person in an operation feels useful. We want everyone to have fun. You will not be yelled at for making mistakes, and there will be no yes sir/no sir bullshit. When do we play? Campaigns are on every other Sunday at 18:00 CET (Central European Time) at odd weeks. Training Operations are on Tuesdays at 18:00 CET (Central European Time) Recruit/Rank/General training will be done whenever all parties have time to do it. How do I join? You can apply on our Discord : https://discord.gg/ZT2cXq2 You can also visit the community forums!: https://rogclan.co.uk/
  3. Welcome to RoG! Who are we? We are a multi gaming community that has one goal! To create "A Place You Can Call Home", yes that’s very cheesy but we mean it. We want to create a place where everyone and anyone can relax, play games, create friends and have fun. We primarily host lots of different servers which are run, developed and maintained by us, everything we do is in house and we provide to everyone, member or not for FREE. Our services are safe, reliable and don’t have admins abusing their positions. We are 100% dedicated and do all of this in our free time with no pay or community profit. Our services include: 1. Custom Gaming Servers 2. Teamspeak 3 Facility 3. Discord Server 4. Website and Membership Program How were we created? The Republic of Gaming was created off one dream. A dream from the minds of 3 friends who met online many years ago. We are Vi Initiate 25, Slimmy Ninja and Mark. Before we created RoG we would hop onto different servers trying to find one that was friendly, reliable, safe and didn't have admins that abused their power! In the end we got fed up of jumping around community after community and never getting settled. So, in 2017 we decided enough was enough and created a "A Place You Can Call Home" Est. 2017 a Republic of Gaming was founded! A community that not only provides a gaming service, but also provides a place where you can create friend, lifelong buddy’s but also remain safe! As a community we understand the risks of playing online and not knowing who you are talking to. In order for us to tackle this we have very specific and to the point community and server rules to keep everyone safe while playing online. We have a zero tolerance to rule breaks and each case will be carefully looked at by our staff team. How to contact us? We have lost of different ways to contact us and one of these ways should be suitable for you: Support System: Click hear Discord: Click hear Teamspeak: ts3.rogclan.co.uk Facebook: Click hear
  4. Hey all, Yes we have finally given in! We have a discord set up @ https://discord.gg/jQsedfn If the above link doesn't work, please submit a ticket and an admin will send you a new one! Vi
  5. Hello All, In light of some requests we have set up a minecraft server running the mod pack Tekxit 3. This pack aims to provide the experience of both Hexxit and Tekkit at the same time and uses the very easy to use Technic launcher. At the moment we have server set to whitelist only, so if you want to play please contact either me or slimmy with your mojang username and we will add you. How to play: 1. Visit and download the launcher from: https://www.technicpack.net/download 2. Login with your mojang account (we DO NOT support fake / torrented games) 3. Once in the launcher type "Tekxit 3" and download the official modpack We also have two additional mods running on the server and you need these inorder to join, 4. Visit and download zerocore from: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/zerocore & visit and download Extreme reactors from https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/extreme-reactors 5. In your file manager find your way to the tekxit 3 folder (C:\Users\YOUR PC NAME\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\tekxit-3-official-1122) 5a. If the folder appdata doesnt come up, this will be because it is hidden. Using the windows search bar type "Show hidden files" and turn on hidden files. 6. Drag and drop the two downloaded mods "Zerocore" & "Extreme reactors" and place them in the "Mods" folder (C:\Users\YOUR PC NAME\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\tekxit-3-official-1122\mods) 7. Start your game 8. In the menu press "Multiplayer" 9. Press add server and set the name to "Republic of Gaming Tekxit3" and enter the ip address of "" 10. Join the server and enjoy! If you have any issues downloading the packs, entering the server or an ingame issues please let us know. Enjoy Vi
  6. ITS BACK! The no.10 most popular server for 2018 has returned to the Space Engineers server lists! Yes we have decided to put the server back up. If you remember our last sever we were in the top 10 server list for Space Engineers back in 2018 which was crazy. This time we plan to be even better than no.10!! No only have we put the server back up, we also have a very powerful dedicated server that can smash all the other Space Engineers servers out the water! At this moment in time the sever is only simple with 10 player slots while we edit and improve. But we plan to increase this at a later date. This server is live NOW! Connection Info - [UK/EU] Republic of Gaming SE - Enjoy Vi
  7. Due to inactivity and the amount of resources this server is using when not in use, we have decided to take it down temporarily, Thanks Vi
  8. Hi All, Just wanted to quickly make you aware, that I may not be that active for the next month or so. I have recently had the birth of my first child and I need to focus all my effort and time on her. Once I have a good routine in place I will gradually start to bring myself back and become more active. I still check the forums and do the day to day running, so please dont hesitate to ask me any questions or request additional servers, I wish you all a happy new year and Ill see you all soon, Vi
  9. Hello All, As we all know Christmas is approaching quickly and for most people this is a very busy time! Time to be with family, have dinners go out etc. This part of the year always effects us as a community. Please dont feel you need to be on or that you have to show your face. As a community our number one rule is life come first! Dont put that to the side just for this community. So please dont worry if you cant get on. You will find there wont be much going on, me and slim may not be around alot, along with our other staff members. The development on the FiveM server will continue but at a slower rate, this will most likely occur throughout the December period up until new year. Apart from that we wish you all a great Christmas and New Year and will see you all when we can. Vi
  10. Hey, If you attend the LS Customs, drive into the entrance then stop. An animation will play and put you into the store. You can repair your vehicle and customize from there, you can also repair at your garage. As you may of noticed the damage on vehicles is realistic, however if your car stops working or is slow, type /repair in the chat. This will do a very basic repair on the car, you can then drive your car to the mechanics for a full repair. To find a list of all commands and keys, press "M" in game to open the community hub and select the commands button. Thanks Vi
  11. there are no mechanics in the state other than when you store your car
  12. [UK/EU] Republic of Gaming Rust RoG Members We have decided to bring back our rust server in a bid to continue expanding the gaming community. Our aim has always been to have a wide range of servers for players and members to play and lucky for us we have a very powerful dedicated server to run them all our self. I will be working on the server over the next few days to introduce plugins and mods to give players more to do and enjoy. However there is a big BUT when it comes to rust. Some will remember that we did have a rust server up in 2018 and we did have regular players on this, however for some reason the creators of rust decided to change how the servers start. I have no idea why (alot complained about this) but for some reason they made it so that the server would run at 100% CPU just to start and restart the server. For anyone that understands the mechanics of computers this is a killer. In order for that to work without your server going bang it wouldn't be able to have other servers running. Unfortunately for us this meant that every time the rust server restarted all our other servers would crash as the CPU couldn't take it. Now there has been a long period of time between this now and I have been told that this has been fixed. The server is working fine at the moment, the CPU doesnt rise to 100%, but it does still rise quite a bit on startup and restarts however at this time im happy with it. I will be monitoring the server along with the other servers to make sure that rust doesn't effect them, or put our dedicated server at risk. Im hoping that there wont be any issues and we can run them all, however if we do start to see issues we may unfortunately have to shut the rust server down again. However this is nothing for any of you to be worried about. If we have any concerns around this we will make you all aware. Apart from that the server will be LIVE from the 29th November 2019. If anyone has any issues or requires compensation please complete a support ticket: https://rogclan.co.uk/index.php?/tickets/ Enjoy For Server Rules: Click hear For Server Commands: Click hear For the LIVE map: Click hear Connection Info Name: [UK/EU] Republic of Gaming Rust Ip: The server can be found under the "Modded" area. This server will restart once a day at 01:00am. Should you think the server needs another restart during the day due to low performance please let us know.
  13. Hello All, The time has come for our phase 2 of testing. We will be having the server up for anyone to join until the 2nd December 2019. (this might be extended) Alot has been added and changed since the last testing phase. Our plan is to get the server up ready for releases. At the moment were still deciding whether to release in December or January, but these details will be confirmed soon. If you find any issues or bugs in the game please report these to us ASAP so that we can get a fix for them. Enjoy Connection: Easiest way to connect at the moment is via "Direct Connect". Enter the following ip address: Vi
  14. Kerbal Space Program 2 Coming to RoG 2020! Yes you have read this correct, Take-Two Interactive Inc have officially released the new kerbal space program game to launch in 2020! For everyone that played the original game will know how amazing it was and how advanced it was. But now they are releasing the second part of this adventure in "Kerbal Space Program 2". From what they have put over there website there looks like there have been some massive changes to how the game works and run, and a massive overhaul of the game itself. Were going to see colonization, new technology's and interstellar travel. On top of all of this they are also releasing the online platform on release date! We over at RoG love these sorts of games and will be waiting patiently for that official release date in 2020. The second we find it out our plans for the online server will begin! If you want to see more about this visit there website at "Kerbal Space Program 2" or check out there cinematic trailer below:
  15. 17th November 2019 **NEWEST UPDATE** So its been a little while since my last updates and lot has happened since then! The server is really coming along now. There are alot of features and custom UI and features. I plan to look for an official release very soon. Unlike other times we are going to take it slow. We will put it and gradually build it. Instead of putting it up and expecting people to join, we will look at other servers and either try to match them or go above them. Hopefully we can look at a launch this year, but of course Christmas is coming and this is the time that every community becomes a little quiet, so we will see. If you have any questions in the mean time please let me know, and if you want to have a go on the server while its not official, just let me know. Thanks Vi
  16. Server is back up. Im not sure why it keeps doing this, our system should be checking for updates on each restart but for the last month it has been failing to do this and just dont bother starting up again! I am working on a fix, Vi
  17. the server is offline due to the new updade needed @Vi Initiate 25 @SlimmyNinja
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