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  2. Hi All, Just wanted to quickly make you aware, that I may not be that active for the next month or so. I have recently had the birth of my first child and I need to focus all my effort and time on her. Once I have a good routine in place I will gradually start to bring myself back and become more active. I still check the forums and do the day to day running, so please dont hesitate to ask me any questions or request additional servers, I wish you all a happy new year and Ill see you all soon, Vi
  3. Hello All, As we all know Christmas is approaching quickly and for most people this is a very busy time! Time to be with family, have dinners go out etc. This part of the year always effects us as a community. Please dont feel you need to be on or that you have to show your face. As a community our number one rule is life come first! Dont put that to the side just for this community. So please dont worry if you cant get on. You will find there wont be much going on, me and slim may not be around alot, along with our other staff members. The development on the FiveM server will continue but at a slower rate, this will most likely occur throughout the December period up until new year. Apart from that we wish you all a great Christmas and New Year and will see you all when we can. Vi
  4. Hey, If you attend the LS Customs, drive into the entrance then stop. An animation will play and put you into the store. You can repair your vehicle and customize from there, you can also repair at your garage. As you may of noticed the damage on vehicles is realistic, however if your car stops working or is slow, type /repair in the chat. This will do a very basic repair on the car, you can then drive your car to the mechanics for a full repair. To find a list of all commands and keys, press "M" in game to open the community hub and select the commands button. Thanks Vi
  5. there are no mechanics in the state other than when you store your car
  6. [UK/EU] Republic of Gaming Rust RoG Members We have decided to bring back our rust server in a bid to continue expanding the gaming community. Our aim has always been to have a wide range of servers for players and members to play and lucky for us we have a very powerful dedicated server to run them all our self. I will be working on the server over the next few days to introduce plugins and mods to give players more to do and enjoy. However there is a big BUT when it comes to rust. Some will remember that we did have a rust server up in 2018 and we did have regular players on this, however for some reason the creators of rust decided to change how the servers start. I have no idea why (alot complained about this) but for some reason they made it so that the server would run at 100% CPU just to start and restart the server. For anyone that understands the mechanics of computers this is a killer. In order for that to work without your server going bang it wouldn't be able to have other servers running. Unfortunately for us this meant that every time the rust server restarted all our other servers would crash as the CPU couldn't take it. Now there has been a long period of time between this now and I have been told that this has been fixed. The server is working fine at the moment, the CPU doesnt rise to 100%, but it does still rise quite a bit on startup and restarts however at this time im happy with it. I will be monitoring the server along with the other servers to make sure that rust doesn't effect them, or put our dedicated server at risk. Im hoping that there wont be any issues and we can run them all, however if we do start to see issues we may unfortunately have to shut the rust server down again. However this is nothing for any of you to be worried about. If we have any concerns around this we will make you all aware. Apart from that the server will be LIVE from the 29th November 2019. If anyone has any issues or requires compensation please complete a support ticket: https://rogclan.co.uk/index.php?/tickets/ Enjoy For Server Rules: Click hear For Server Commands: Click hear For the LIVE map: Click hear Connection Info Name: [UK/EU] Republic of Gaming Rust Ip: The server can be found under the "Modded" area. This server will restart once a day at 01:00am. Should you think the server needs another restart during the day due to low performance please let us know.
  7. Hello All, The time has come for our phase 2 of testing. We will be having the server up for anyone to join until the 2nd December 2019. (this might be extended) Alot has been added and changed since the last testing phase. Our plan is to get the server up ready for releases. At the moment were still deciding whether to release in December or January, but these details will be confirmed soon. If you find any issues or bugs in the game please report these to us ASAP so that we can get a fix for them. Enjoy Connection: Easiest way to connect at the moment is via "Direct Connect". Enter the following ip address: Vi
  8. Kerbal Space Program 2 Coming to RoG 2020! Yes you have read this correct, Take-Two Interactive Inc have officially released the new kerbal space program game to launch in 2020! For everyone that played the original game will know how amazing it was and how advanced it was. But now they are releasing the second part of this adventure in "Kerbal Space Program 2". From what they have put over there website there looks like there have been some massive changes to how the game works and run, and a massive overhaul of the game itself. Were going to see colonization, new technology's and interstellar travel. On top of all of this they are also releasing the online platform on release date! We over at RoG love these sorts of games and will be waiting patiently for that official release date in 2020. The second we find it out our plans for the online server will begin! If you want to see more about this visit there website at "Kerbal Space Program 2" or check out there cinematic trailer below:
  9. 17th November 2019 **NEWEST UPDATE** So its been a little while since my last updates and lot has happened since then! The server is really coming along now. There are alot of features and custom UI and features. I plan to look for an official release very soon. Unlike other times we are going to take it slow. We will put it and gradually build it. Instead of putting it up and expecting people to join, we will look at other servers and either try to match them or go above them. Hopefully we can look at a launch this year, but of course Christmas is coming and this is the time that every community becomes a little quiet, so we will see. If you have any questions in the mean time please let me know, and if you want to have a go on the server while its not official, just let me know. Thanks Vi
  10. Server is back up. Im not sure why it keeps doing this, our system should be checking for updates on each restart but for the last month it has been failing to do this and just dont bother starting up again! I am working on a fix, Vi
  11. the server is offline due to the new updade needed @Vi Initiate 25 @SlimmyNinja
  12. Hi @adcjen I've made a slight change to the system, there isn't a physical setting for taming so we have to alter other setting to get it perfect. When we set the server up it took us a very long time to get it right and to work well alongside breeding. So ive increased the rate in which dinos will eat hopefully this will make your taming a bit quicker. Thanks Vi
  13. Hey All, I have noticed recently that there have been some issues with the ark server not restarting after an update. Each time this has happened ive had to boot the server and update it myself. We are aware and actively investigating why this is happening. Should you find any other issues with the server or its performance please let us know on the forums. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Thanks Vi
  14. As the post says any chance to increase the taming to x3 ? Everything about this server is spot on. just the taming is a killer. Thanks
  15. Thank you to everyone that came on for testing. AS you know I extended it for a longer period and ive been given some very helpful feedback. Phase 2 of testing will be announced within the next few days with the server release very soon. Thanks Vi
  16. FiveM Jobs, Activity's & Features *This list is slowly being updated. There are alot of jobs and activity's and will take some time to explain them all* Server Features Community Hub (press M): The community hub displays everything you need to know about the server, how to play, what you can do and other information about the community. Life information: At the top right of the screen you will see your money and job displayed. The dollar icon shows how much you have in cash on your person and the bank icon shows how much money you have in your bank. Be careful with your cash, if you die you will loose it. You will also notice a black bandit note icon, this is your dirty/black money which you gain from illegal activitys. Make sure to store this money away in your house or take it to the money launder as the police can confiscate this if they find it! Lastly you will see your job displayed with your rank, this changes whenever you get a new/change your job. Street, Date & Voice: At the bottom right if the screen you will notice a bar with the date, street name and a voice icon. This bar displays what street you are on and what the ingame date is. This is continuously updating and provides live information. When you talk in game the voice icon will also light up. Health, Food & Water Stats: At the top right of the screen under your job you will see a health and armour icon along with a food and drink icon. This displays your current health and how hungry or thristy you are, over time your hunger and thirst will go down so you need to visit the shop to buy food or drink so that this can be replenished. Press F2 to open the inventory then select your food or drink to consume it. Make sure it doesn't deplete fully otherwise you will slowly die. Drinking alcohol also effects your character. Vehicle Speedometor, Fuel and Info: When sat in a vehicle you will see a new hud displayed at the bottom of your screen. This will show everything about your current vehicle. Your speed will be displayed in the middle in MPH along with the current gear. You then also have a few other icons. Starting from the left you have the "Seatbelt Icon". This will show red when you seatbelt is not on. Press "K" to put your belt on. This will provide some protection if you crash at high speed! Next is the "Fuel Icon", this will show how much fuel you have in the vehicle. If this goes below ten percent you'll notice your vehicle will drive weird. This means you are running out of fuel and need to refill. As you drive around the map fuel stations will pop up if your within a certain distance. When your fuel is low visit the fuel station and park beside a pump. Jump our your vehicle and press "E" on the pump to add fuel to your vehicle. You can also walk to the side of the pump and purchase a jerry can which you can store in your inventory. Next if the "Headlight Icon", when you press "H" this will turn your lights on and the icon will light up. Lastly you have the "Indicator Icon", When you press the arrow keys this will turn your left, right and hazzard lights on. Civillian Jobs & Activity's To be added Illegal Jobs & Activitys Burglary This is a great roleplay activity for people that like crime and illegal activity's. You can only do this job during the night but can do it solo or with friends and if planned well can make a little bit of money. To do this activity you need to find a "Boxville" tuck on the map. You can usually find some parked up behind the small flleeca bank in pillboc hill, opposite the Legion square. Once you have the van you need to wait for midnight 00:00 hours. Once it turns midnight get in your van and press "E" this will activate the mission and show you some red houses on the map. Drive to each one and start stealing!! On the bottom left you will see the time left and each time you seal an item your "items" number will go up. Once the night is finished you will be paid for your work in cash! "Remember you have to be quite, sneak around the houses and dont wake up the occupant. If you do you will fail the mission and the police will be notified about the burglary. Time to run!"
  17. FiveM Controls List Updated 01/12/2019 General Controls Pageup - Score Board F1 - opens the phone F2 - opens the inventory menu F7 - opens the billing system for invoices & fines F6 on foot - opens the emote/animation interactive wheel F6 in vehicle - opens the vehicle options interactive wheel L- Opens the hat/helmet menu E - Main action button for most things Numpad 5 - Puts your hands up M - Opens the community hub BackSpace - Used to close all menus ESC or the home button - Can be used to close the tablet or head back to the home screen General Vehicle Controls K - Seatbelt (Very Important!) CAPS - Cruise Control H - Turns on your lights U - Locks/unlocks your owned car Down Arrow - Activates the vehicles hazard lights Right Arrow - Activates the vehicles right indicator Left Arrow - Activates the vehicles left indicator General Commands /repair - Does a very basic repair of your vehicle (this will only work a few times!) /ooc talk in out of character chat to the whole server /twt make a tweet to the whole server /toggleui - Turns the information UI off. (useful if your streaming) Emergency Services Controls *Only works if you are whitelisted* F5 - opens the EMS menue Numpad 7 - Radio Emote Numpad 9 - Holster Emote Emergency Services Commands *Only works if you are whitelisted* /jail "id" "time" - sends the specified id to jail for the specified time /jailmenue - opens the jail menue /unjail "id" - Unjails the specified id /comserv "id" "Amount" - sends the specified id to community service for the sepcified amount /endcomserv "id" - ends the community server for the specified id
  18. Hello All, Its come to the point where im happy for phase 1 of testing to begin. There are alot of features on the server and still alot to come. The plan for phase 1 is to see what buggs and issues there are on the server, and its to also be used to identify what features are missing and what could be improved. Phase 1 will run for 2 days starting the 9th October 2019 and finishing at the end of the 10th. When it begins if you can all post your suggestions or issues in this topic. I look forward to see you all around. Vi
  19. 16th September 2019 Hello All, So each update I post on hear brings us closer and closer to our release! The server has so many different features, roles, jobs and enjoyment, my plan was to put so much in that it would be difficult to get bored. Now although I say this I still have so much to add. Im going to be putting another post up soon with some more screenshots and ill be looking at an official date for testing. Id like this community to come together and help me test the death out of this server, not only will this mean we have a working, reliable and competitive server but it will also bring this community back together! Im getting very excited and hopefully ill see you all soon. Vi
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