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  3. 16th September 2019 **NEWEST UPDATE** Hello All, So each update I post on hear brings us closer and closer to our release! The server has so many different features, roles, jobs and enjoyment, my plan was to put so much in that it would be difficult to get bored. Now although I say this I still have so much to add. Im going to be putting another post up soon with some more screenshots and ill be looking at an official date for testing. Id like this community to come together and help me test the death out of this server, not only will this mean we have a working, reliable and competitive server but it will also bring this community back together! Im getting very excited and hopefully ill see you all soon. Vi
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  5. 08th September 2019 Hello All, So alot of changes have been made to the sever and alot of very nice features have been implemented. Everything is starting to come together and its starting to really feel like a roleplay server! Ill be adding some more screen shots of different features soon and testing will hopefully start soon as well. Like I said above your more then welcome to ask me if you want to go on. Thanks Vi
  6. Thank you both for all the time and effort you put into this great gamemode. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be what we all envisioned, but we still had a great time.
  7. I have some video, I'll try to upload it today.
  8. 18th August 2019 Hi all, Work is still being done on the server, I know a few of you have been on doing a few bits of testing which is great. There is still alot to be done but these should start to gradually fall into place. My main focus at the moment is making everything bug free! So the different jobs like police and ambulance, the clothing and skin system etc these all need to work perfectly. Once I have this sorted all the other parts will start to be added and more testing days will be open to eliminate any issues we may have in the future. Im also open to suggestions and ideas, we have always been a community that go above and beyond and dont like bog standard servers, so if you have an idea let us know. Vi
  9. Hello All, I know a few have been wanting to see the progress of the server. Please find below a few screenshots from the server, there are still a lot more features to come!! ==============================================================================================================================================
  10. 28th July 2019 Big update this time round. Since the last update a lot of work has been done on the server. For those of you that remember our last server, we had a lot of features but it wasn't unique to us. I have change that this time, we now have a unique system in for the police and ambulance in terms of there uniform. When you change your uniform now you will keep what your character looks like and the clothing will just change. This clothing is unique to us. With my skills on Photoshop I will be creating unique British police and ambulance skins. No other servers will have these skin designs and I will not be sharing them. This is big for us, this is something that will draw new players into the game and the community. On top of this I will also be changing what the UI menus and screens look like. Again this will be unique to us and no other servers will have this. My main plan is to add as many features as possible, this will be from jobs like police and ambulance, to group that have there own bases where they can launder money through, civilian roles for you people that like to roleplay a lot, all the way to silly and random additions like searching garbage bins for food or bottles to sell as a homeless person. We will cover everything and I especially will be putting so much effort into this working. I have also signed up to the Fivem Developer group. This costs me £15.00 a month but im happy to pay this so that our server is the best of the best. At the moment we have 36 player slots but now that im part of this group we can take this up to 128 if we wish!!! There is still alot of work and i cant give a time frame for when testing will open but keep your eyes on the forum as Ill be posting some sneekpeak images soon! Thanks Vi
  11. 19th July 2019 A few more plugin have been added to make the RP feel realistic. One of these is a new way to use emotes and character movements. For those of you that played our other server to use emots you would open a very unattractive menu and have to find the one you want. I have no introduced a menu wheel just like the weapons wheel, this means that you can quickly and easily choose what emote you want to use. This also works in vehicles where you can open and close doors and turn the engine off and on very easily. Im also in the process of writing our own HTML code so that our server is unique to us and no available on the web.
  12. 15th July 2019 Admin System Installed Basic version of the police system (Requires modifications) ESX plugins Custom identity system
  13. Log of all developmental changes and updates to the FiveM server Currently the server is: Under Development Testing will be opened on: Currently no set date 13th July 2019 : Basic FiveM server built with latest release. Server connected to SQL database Loading Screen added Street Markers added Watermark added Vehicle control upgrade integrated Server set to PVP Essential Mode installed ESX Base installed
  14. Arma 3 Altis has now unfortunately died and the community is on it way out, but that doesn't mean and end to roleplay with this community... Yes the title is correct! FiveM Roleplay is coming back, and it will be bigger and better than it was before! Keep your eyes on this area for live development updates and suggestions. Vi
  15. As mentioned in my other post on us closing down our Altis Life server. We would love for you guys to share old memories, stories, screenshots, videos or anything else you have laying around from playing on any of the Altis Life servers we have had up the last few years. Have a look on your computer and post what you have as a reply to this thread.
  16. Hello everyone, The time has come to end somewhat of an era, at least for us. After many years of hosting on and off, thousands of combined hours of developing, highs and lows and many memories we have decided to close down our Arma 3 Altis Life server for good. There are a few reasons to this decision and the main ones are; firstly the fact that the game mode is dying in general making it very hard for us as a small community to gain any new members and keep the old members who, like us, have already have put in hours upon hours into the game mode. Secondly, @Pepper and I who have been the lead developers of the Altis server have ran out of motivation to continue putting time into developing the server. Partly again because the game mode is dying as it is, but also because we've been writing code for and managed Altis Life servers for over 2,5 years at this point and sadly don't get any enjoyment out of it anymore. I know I personally made a post about a year ago saying that "I will be the last person to abandon Altis" but even I have realized that sometimes you have to be realistic and move on from things. I would like to thank everyone who played Altis Life with us and supported the project for so long. We would never have lasted as long as we did without you! Of course this is a big change for the community since Altis Life has been one, if not even the main game of RoG. We are working on trying to find a replacement and branch out to other games more. Hopefully expanding the community as we go. In other words, this will not be the end of the community. This decision might come as a surprise to some of you and a few of us might even feel a little bit emotional about it so I would like to end this whole thing with something positive. I'm going to put up another post where you can post old memories, screenshots, video clips or whatever you have from your time playing Altis Life with us. We would love to see what you have and share another laugh together at old positive server memories. Again, thank you everyone! /Katt & Pepper Edit: Link to memories thread
  17. All, We have changed the map on the ark server. We will now be running Valguero. This is a brand new DLC which is FREE to download on steam. We also have the normal mods running on this server. Now although mods are good they are a bit of a pain in installing them. When you go to connect the server the ark system will download all the mods that are on the server for you, HOWEVER there system is very slow and you could end up waiting a long time, to make this easier I have made a steam workshop collection. All you need to do it click the link, subscribe to the collection and the mods will start downloading via steam. Once the mods have finished downloading on steam you can then join the server without needed to wait for arks downloads. Steam collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1516953921 Enjoy Vi
  18. All, The altis life server is now back online, we apologize for it being down so long! Fingers crossed we wont come against an issue like this again. Enjoy Vi
  19. Nicko

    Green Zone(s)

    If you check the forums of other servers, you will see, there are people who complaint they cannot play the game because they are robbed in most of the runs they do. The only option is to either join the Police or to become Rebels. However, there a some people who don't like gun fighting or they would prefer to roleplay a peaceful worker and interact with other workers. Certainly a minority but they do exist and very important, there is no server for them offering that vital space for their roleplay. So, if they could find a server offering my first suggestion below they would probably stick to that one. So: 1. A large Green Zone not only to re-gear but also to do some less profitable runs. I have in mind a 4km radius round Green Zone to include Kavala, Aggelochori, Neri, the ground areas east and north of Kavala plus some sea area. In other words the south west area of the island with some sea. About 4-5 runs could be done entirely in that Zone. For example Apple/Peaches and Apples/Peaces-Cider, another one could be Olive-OliveOil and a third one Wood-ProcessedWood all sold to the market. As it concerns the sea, Fishing and maybe Fishing-CookedFish and a couple underwater runs, to bring people also to the sea, like Sponges and Crab sold to a coastal market. Since those would be entirely protected inside the Green Zone should not pay much. I was thinking something like 300k-600k per item. I have to add here that the default framework does not support underwater mining but it is easy to be done and if you want to implement it I can send you the changes, all ready to work. Yes, it is a daring movement but it might help. Besides it leaves the big majority of the island for the classic gameplay. 2. No matter what you decide about the first suggestion, Green Zones (large or small) need to be protected by rule breakers and trolls. Disabling lockpicking, killing, knocking out, restraining and escorting, by civilians would give a solution here. People could be tazed by the Police as well as being restrained and escorting but only by the Police. Anti-VDM is also important and many servers have it everywhere on the island to avoid accidentally being down when no medics are around. 3. Since a Green Zone is a crime free area, bolt cutters should not be able to open house door inside a Green Zone. Two of the biggest servers have disabled that over the whole island as people thoughts it is very annoying to be in Kavala and see a notification someone is breaking into your house in Sofia but I believe it would be good at least inside Green Zones. Bolt Cutters should be able to open the Fed though.
  20. RRunner

    Perk System

    yeah after i posted the above i kinda figured it was something like that but thought id wait out and get a response
  21. Nicko

    cooking meats

    I like the idea. It would just be a processor taking raw meat and giving cooked meat. This could be greatly enhanced by my "Animal Tracking" script which is released for public use and can be found in the link below: https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/1965-tutorial-animal-tracking-for-hunting/ In that case you might want to increase the number of animals in the hunting ground. If you want to do that, please ask me as I had implemented it in a server I used to have. Finally, the same cooking feature could also be applied for fish too, maybe with 2-3 fish processors spread on the island at coastal area. I believe one should be in Kavala and one near Pyrgos. You then decide if you want another one, maybe to the north as there is boat shop there too. The meat processor could be a single one near the hunting ground or on the way to Kavala. Now, economy wise, you might be into realism issues as it concerns the prices. I think a tune is pretty expensive as a raw fish but not that much as a cooked meal, as far as I can remember. You might want to move in the logical path of a Tuna could give 4 or 5 cooked meals to maintain a realistic economy where the raw animal portion is not more expensive than the cooked one. This way someone could have the option to sell either raw fish or cooked fish meals. P.S. Here is the ico_huntingKit.paa icon for my script as it seems it has been removed from the linked forum above. ico_huntingKit.paa
  22. Nicko

    Perk System

    I think something like +1 (2 items standard) on what you suggest would be better. Imagine a Hemmt Box gathering salt. It would take 150-160 animations or as it concerns light materials like apples.
  23. Pepper

    Perk System

    Hello! What you are pointing out, is not a bug. It is 100% of the base XP. So it doubles the base XP at level 3. It is not double from level 2. This is a good idea, however might be a bit too fast. I would rather make it so you get only 1 by default, and for every perk you get, you get one more. Example: Level 0: 1 Level 1: 2 Level 3: 3 Level 4: 4 Level 5: 5 What does everyone think about that?
  24. Nicko

    Perk System

    Also a gathering perk would be nice to enable faster gathering. lvl1 +1 item(s) lvl2 +2 item(s) lvl3 +3 item(s)
  25. Please delete the templates that you do not require, for example if posting in "Support Ticket" please only display the support ticket template! Support Ticket 1. Your Name: 2. The Date: 3. How would you like your response? **Either on the Ticket below, Via Teamspeak or Via Email** (Delete Appropriate) 4. What is your Support request related to? **Either Forums, Teamspeak, Game Server, Player, Staff Member or Other** (Delete Appropriate) 5. Please explain your request:
  26. Please ignore this date, further information will be provided later on.
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