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Vi Initiate 25

FiveM Jobs, Activitys & Features

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FiveM Jobs, Activity's & Features

*This list is slowly being updated. There are alot of jobs and activity's and will take some time to explain them all*


Server Features

Community Hub (press M): The community hub displays everything you need to know about the server, how to play, what you can do and other information about the community.

Life information: At the top right of the screen you will see your money and job displayed. The dollar icon shows how much you have in cash on your person and the bank icon shows how much money you have in your bank. Be careful with your cash, if you die you will loose it. You will also notice a black bandit note icon, this is your dirty/black money which you gain from illegal activitys. Make sure to store this money away in your house or take it to the money launder as the police can confiscate this if they find it! Lastly you will see your job displayed with your rank, this changes whenever you get a new/change your job.

Street, Date & Voice: At the bottom right if the screen you will notice a bar with the date, street name and a voice icon. This bar displays what street you are on and what the ingame date is. This is continuously updating and provides live information. When you talk in game the voice icon will also light up.

Health, Food & Water Stats: At the top right of the screen under your job you will see a health and armour icon along with a food and drink icon. This displays your current health and how hungry or thristy you are, over time your hunger and thirst will go down so you need to visit the shop to buy food or drink so that this can be replenished. Press F2 to open the inventory then select your food or drink to consume it. Make sure it doesn't deplete fully otherwise you will slowly die. Drinking alcohol also effects your character.

Vehicle Speedometor, Fuel and Info: When sat in a vehicle you will see a new hud displayed at the bottom of your screen. This will show everything about your current vehicle. Your speed will be displayed in the middle in MPH along with the current gear. You then also have a few other icons. Starting from the left you have the "Seatbelt Icon". This will show red when you seatbelt is not on. Press "K" to put your belt on. This will provide some protection if you crash at high speed! Next is the "Fuel Icon", this will show how much fuel you have in the vehicle. If this goes below ten percent you'll notice your vehicle will drive weird. This means you are running out of fuel and need to refill. As you drive around the map fuel stations will pop up if your within a certain distance. When your fuel is low visit the fuel station and park beside a pump. Jump our your vehicle and press "E" on the pump to add fuel to your vehicle.    You can also walk to the side of the pump and purchase a jerry can which you can store in your inventory. Next if the "Headlight Icon", when you press "H" this will turn your lights on and the icon will light up. Lastly you have the "Indicator Icon", When you press the arrow keys this will turn your left, right and hazzard lights on.


Civillian Jobs & Activity's

  • To be added


Illegal Jobs & Activitys


This is a great roleplay activity for people that like crime and illegal activity's. You can only do this job during the night but can do it solo or with friends and if planned well can make a little bit of money.

To do this activity you need to find a "Boxville" tuck on the map. You can usually find some parked up behind the small flleeca bank in pillboc hill, opposite the Legion square. Once you have the van you need to wait for midnight 00:00 hours. Once it turns midnight get in your van and press "E" this will activate the mission and show you some red houses on the map. Drive to each one and start stealing!! On the bottom left you will see the time left and each time you seal an item your "items" number will go up. Once the night is finished you will be paid for your work in cash!

"Remember you have to be quite, sneak around the houses and dont wake up the occupant. If you do you will fail the mission and the police will be notified about the burglary. Time to run!"


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Updated 01/12/2019

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