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  1. **The Republic of Gaming Established September 2017** Welcome to The Republic Of Gaming!! First of all thank you for taking the time to read our story, as you will see from below we have been through alot and put alot of effort into the community. We hope that once you have read this you will understand us and know how much we value this community! Our Story... Hello reader we are the Republic of Gaming, a community that aims to create a place where gamers can relax, play and enjoy! We host lots of different servers which are run, developed and maintained by us, everything we do is in house and we provide to everyone, member or not for FREE. But a little bit about us first. This community was made by a set of friends that met online, we would play games and chat and have been doing so for over 5 years. We are Vi Initiate 25, Slimy Ninja and Mark. Before this community was opened we would hop onto different servers trying to find one that was friendly, reliable, safe, didn't have admins that abused there power and didn't have them asking for money all the time. Unfortunately it is very difficult to find this, you end up jumping around and never getting settled. The whole ide of online gaming is to play with friends and have fun. However we could never settle down, we would always run into an issue that would push us away. So in 2017 we decided that we would set our own community up to get away from these issues. This was when RoG was founded! Ever since we have launched our main goal is to have a community where people can come and go, have a laugh, play on reliable, safe servers and not worry about the admins abusing there power. We want our members to make friends and enjoy the games they are playing. Now this hasn't been easy we have had our ups and downs. Money is always a big issue we decided to have a large and powerful dedicated server so that we can do what we want and host the servers we want, so we spend alot of money each month in order to do this, we also all work so running this community in the background can be a challenge. However we push through this and jump over every issue we come against. However our biggest downs was mid way through 2018 when we lost one of our founders mark. Mark was the brains when it came to servers and knew how to fix most issues. Mark left on his own accord as he wanted to put gaming aside and we fully support his decision to do this. When we lost Mark the server went downhill a little, we had to completely change the ownership of the community and rebuild what we had on a new dedicated server. However since then we have re built and continued to build the community up and continuously improving our server! Every hurdle we have come against has really effected us and there have been many times where we didn't think we could get past it, however every time this happens we would look back on why we built this community. Were not here to get money, were not here to grow big. We are here to have a place where gamers can relax and make new friends. This is what pushes us to be and become a better community. We are always growing and always making this community a better place. If your already a member or are just looking through our website then please understand we will welcome anyone into our community. We will always focus on our members and will always support our members in any way we can. Were not strict on activity so if you cant get on then dont worry. As we always say "Life comes first". We will always follow this and put it first. But we are strict on behavior so as a community we have rules that all members and players must abide by, if a rule is broke we will act and wont tolerate anything that wouldn't be tolerated in normal life. So what do we actually host? At the moment main focus is Altis life on Arma 3. We have a range of unique features along with our very own developers who voluntarily work all the time to keep our server live and healthy. We also host other servers like ark, exile etc and develop these to make them unique and fun. And lastly I said at the start we don’t like community's that ask for money and RoG will never full into that. No matter how much we are struggling we will never ask. But we do give our members the option to donate if they would like to. We are a non profit community that run off the generous donations of our members, all the donations we receive go into a clan pay fund which we cant touch and this pays for our dedicated server, and website. We would like to thank you for reading this and we hope you enjoy your time with us. Remember if you ever need support or help then join our teamspeak or post in the support section of the forums. again thanks - Vi Initiate 25 & Slimy Ninja (Community Founders)
  2. Community Rules Please ensure you have read the community rules. If you play on one of our servers then please also read and understand them before joining the server. IF you break any of the rules it may result in a warning or ban so please abide by them at all times. All rules can be found here.
  3. Community Update Hello All Welcome to our new website, As you may or may not have known we have sadly lost mark from the community at the start of the month. He decided to stop playing games and move on to something different. Me (Vi) and slimmy have now taken the community over and we will continue ROG from now on. This change meant that our dedicated server had to be closed down along with the website and teamspeak. We now have a new dedicated server up with the same specs as the last, a new website and teamspeak. Me and slimmy will be looking at putting some servers up very soon once we have finished the setup (as there is alot of work). You will need to create a new account as we are on a new database. If you are missing any tags on the forums or teamspeak then please let us know and we will add them back. So what do we plan to do: Me and slimmy are planning to make the community even better than is was before, Altis life will be comming back soon and hopefully we can build this community back up. We will be putting a few different servers up for people to play and they will be posted on the forums once up. If you have any suggestions then please let us know. Although we are on a new website and box please remember all our rules still apply we are the same community and we will be following the same rules. These can be found under the server rules section on the forums. We hope you enjoy your time with and we thank you for your continued support. See you all around. Vi & Slim Community Founders

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