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  1. Hello everyone, The time has come to end somewhat of an era, at least for us. After many years of hosting on and off, thousands of combined hours of developing, highs and lows and many memories we have decided to close down our Arma 3 Altis Life server for good. There are a few reasons to this decision and the main ones are; firstly the fact that the game mode is dying in general making it very hard for us as a small community to gain any new members and keep the old members who, like us, have already have put in hours upon hours into the game mode. Secondly, @Pepper and I who have been the lead developers of the Altis server have ran out of motivation to continue putting time into developing the server. Partly again because the game mode is dying as it is, but also because we've been writing code for and managed Altis Life servers for over 2,5 years at this point and sadly don't get any enjoyment out of it anymore. I know I personally made a post about a year ago saying that "I will be the last person to abandon Altis" but even I have realized that sometimes you have to be realistic and move on from things. I would like to thank everyone who played Altis Life with us and supported the project for so long. We would never have lasted as long as we did without you! Of course this is a big change for the community since Altis Life has been one, if not even the main game of RoG. We are working on trying to find a replacement and branch out to other games more. Hopefully expanding the community as we go. In other words, this will not be the end of the community. This decision might come as a surprise to some of you and a few of us might even feel a little bit emotional about it so I would like to end this whole thing with something positive. I'm going to put up another post where you can post old memories, screenshots, video clips or whatever you have from your time playing Altis Life with us. We would love to see what you have and share another laugh together at old positive server memories. Again, thank you everyone! /Katt & Pepper Edit: Link to memories thread
  2. Katt

    cooking meats

    Yep that would be possible. Do you mean that you would process them to make them into just another source of food or more just something you could sell? @RRunner
  3. Katt

    rebel backpacks

    I assume we are talking backpack space for virtual items such as food and raw materials you've gathered. If that is the case I could look into adding it in since it does make logical sense. As for your other question, I'm not sure if I follow but I'll try to answer anyways. The prices of backpacks in a civilian clothing shop should not be any different to the price in a rebel shop. Not as far as I know. On the topic of backpack size being tied to the shop its been bought from, that is not possible with the way things are currently configured. Every backpack has a set virtual inventory size tied to what type of backpack it is rather than where it was bought from. This because the virtual inventory is something that has been added on top of the base game's features. I hope this answers your questions @RRunner
  4. Hey Obsidian! Thanks a lot for taking some time to write this post. It's always good to hear constructive criticism from someone who is experienced, and personally I agree with a lot of what you have said. To answer your first question on how far we want to go, I'd say the answer would be; as far as possible. That doesn't necessarily mean competing with the biggest servers but to at least have a medium sized player base. The goal for both the Altis Life server and the community in general has always been to give everyone, from veterans of the group to newcomers, a nice place to enjoy their free time at playing games and interacting with people. It might sound a little vague, especially when talking about the Altis Life server specifically. But again our main goal is not looking to compete with the biggest servers but rather being a medium sized community where everyone can have a good time role playing with others who enjoy role play. One thing I want to clarify with this though is that not looking to be number one does not mean lacking in features or not trying to implement complex and interesting features. We have a lot in the works behind the scenes, it's just about time. Which also brings me to answering your other questions 1. I have to agree with you that Gang Hideouts are pretty dull. I wouldn't personally mind doing something about them to try to spread the interaction between players out to other places on the map 2. Agreed this is something we try to do in the police force and something we've done on other servers too 3. I have been saying this to cops for years. They will always be the face of every server which means that their behavior and role play, especially around new players in Kavala but definitely not limited to that, always has to be on point 4. This is one of the hardest things about running a server but it's absolutely crucial. It is more of an active thing where we look at the state of the server and try our best to regularly adapt and balance things to make it fair and fun for everyone 5. When it comes to prices we did take time to make sure that they where not dirt cheap but also not something you would have to farm for for hours upon hours. Most people playing Altis Life have spent so much time farming at this point and we fully understand that doing so now is boring. I will discuss the features you've mentioned here together with @Pepper and we'll look into possibly implementing what we like and think we can pull off. As said, we don't want to fall behind in features. 6. Suppressors have only been put in the advanced rebel store for a very high cost and within the police force, only SWAT has access to them during operations. 7. Scopes can be found in the shops 8. Definitely! The shoutbox is more of a @Vi Initiate 25 thing so I will summon him Again thank you for the post! If you or others want to respond with their opinions or more questions, feel free to do so /Katt
  5. Objection your honor, the defendant has not used the correct form template.
  6. Thanks for the kind words @MaCk! Also thanks for giving us so many ideas. Me and @Pepper have discussed all of them. Our main goal with new features (and features in general) are to bring new, fun and interesting experiences to players. They also have to balanced and make some sense in the context they are in. Personally we both feel that illegal activities for server factions (i.e. Police/Medics/HATO) that you are encouraged to take part in to make money playing as said factions, don't make too much sense in the context they are in. To clarify, how would the Director of the Medics handle cases of finding his staff engaging in illegal activities that they at the same time have been told to do to make more money? That being said, I'm all for role playing as a corrupt medic for example, somehow making money on the side, as long as it is within server rules and what the handbook for that faction allows. That's our take on it but if you disagree, please give us your take on it :) Now, continuing with medics and HATO in mind. We are aware of the issues these factions face, especially on a server with a smaller population. Which is why we have added events for Medics/HATO to our todo list. Basically they are what you called deliveries. We can elaborate more on it if anyone would like and if you would like to give us your idea of how it would work, just tell us. Many of the features you proposed seemed to be tied to some kind of business ownership system (e.g. Sabotaging enemy factories) and that is something we've discussed and had a pretty elaborate system planned out for it a long time ago (3 damn years ago to be exact). We would still really like to add this to the server at some point, but expect it in a bigger update post-launch. Bars and places for socializing and role playing are features we both think would be great. This also includes a casino. Honestly we have thought about it before, there has just been other things taking up our time. Expect it in the not to far future. We thought the idea of hacking the police database to remove yourself from the wanted list was rather interesting and will definitely look into that. A story mode with some quests is something I myself have thought about and it's something I would be interested in adding in the future. Some of the things you proposed are sadly not possible without modding the game. A few other are just impossible to balance although I found them pretty cool as features alone. The rest of them are mostly already added to the server. /Katt
  7. Hello, I know we have been very silent for a long time when it comes to Altis and our progress towards the re-launch of the server. To quickly update you on what has been going on since the last development update sometime before the forum was wiped, development has not stopped. A few months ago me and @Pepper sat down and had a talk about the whole project and we came to the conclusion that we are not going to abandon it since we have worked on it for years and leaving it behind would mean broken promises and hundreds of wasted hours. Development has admittedly still been a little slow due to multiple factors but the good news is that we are getting things done. I would love to give you a release date but at this time the risk of us not being able to keep that deadline or launch an unfinished server (we all know how that went last time) is too high. When we feel like we are close to being finished, we’ll give you a date and open up a closed beta period to make sure that any bugs we still missed don’t make it to the launch date. With that said, if you are interested in what we have accomplished so far in our closed alpha development, here you go: General: New HUD Added a Status Bar Anti VDM script updated (Vehicle mounted weapons no longer affected) Intro Cam Music Administrator on duty (Admins can activate on duty mode which changes their gear to the VR suit, and they get a new player tag that shows that they are on duty.) New notification system (Goodbye old arma-hints) Reworked Kavala Square (Still WIP, might post pictures in a near future though) Seize Comms (Allows you to take a players radio. Read the server rules for more info on what happens when you do not have a radio (This also adds “Comms Seized” to your player tag)). Police: Taser will now ragdoll the player instead of doing an animation (More realistic) All drug fields are hidden from Blufor Ability to Seize Cash (98% Working) More placeable items Medics: Stretcher Script added (When a player dies and gets revived, the player will be incapacitated so that the medics can roleplay with them. The medics can place the player on a stretcher and bring them in the car to the hospital. This is also to prevent RDM on revive.) Altis Rescue Service added (New medic sub-group) More placeable items Medics can now impound vehicles. Medical Marijuana (Heals the player over time) RAC (HATO): New whitelisted faction added. (85% completed) What we need to complete before launch: RAC Seize Cash Add a global cooldown to gas stations TP back if you glitch out of prison Notifications on entering safe zones and restricted areas Add more sounds (Defib, ziptie, handcuffs etc.) Tazer Delay (Hopefully) Adding all legal licenses to the DMV Dynamic Drug Fields (Gives them a random position every restart) Complete economy overhaul General Bugfixes What our plans are for post-launch: Black Market Auction House And other secret surprises 😉 Please feel free to ask us any questions, or give feedback in the comments. /Katt & Pepper

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