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  1. Thank you both for all the time and effort you put into this great gamemode. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be what we all envisioned, but we still had a great time.
  2. I have some video, I'll try to upload it today.
  3. Hi guys, I've been looking at The Division 2 as a fun co-op game to play but the problem is, I have no-one to play it with. Do any of you plan to buy it or does anyone already play it?
  4. You wanted proper suggestions? Here goes. 3.1 The only valid way to initiate is verbally through direct communication with an exception if the other party were to be in a air vehicle. 3.4 Initiating without a weapon equipped or a visible weapon to the players you are initiating on is considered Fail RP and may result in a ban. This means that you cannot initiate from cover since your weapon (and you) will not be visible? 3.6.1 If you are clearly chasing a vehicle for 5 minutes, you are allowed to disable the vehicle by shooting the wheel. 1-Way initiation applies here. See rule 3.17. (You are responsible for making sure it has been 5 minutes, and take on responsibility if you kill the driver.) Thank you for the addition, I would like to add air vehicles / shooting the engine/rotors to this. Please reduce chase time to 2 minutes. That should be plenty for the player that is being chased to make up their mind (fight, surrender or flight) 3.7 You may disable a flying helicopter without verbally initiating by firing a set of shots into the air. If said helicopter fails to drop back you may initiate on it. 1-Way initiation applies here. See rule 3.17. Please change "into the air" to "at non vital parts eg. fuselage of the vehicle" reason is that airshots may not register by the pilot as directed at them. 3.8 If a player is firing at you without initiating, you may respond back with fire and kill them. No need to add "without initiating" since self defense should Always be allowed no matter the situation. On top of the suggestions above I miss a rule about initiation in clear hostile situations eg. gasstation robberies, controlled gangareas or areas ion the process of being captured, drugfields, drugdealers, processors etc. People at these locations will basicly always expect trouble so anyone entering the area with a gun out should be treated as hostile. example is a cop running into a gasstation during or right after a robbery with his gun drawn. According to the rules, the person in that gasstation should not shoot him because he hasn't initiated yet. clearly, this is an unrealistic situation. the cop should accept that he is acting with clear hostile intent and expect to get shot at with no warning from the robber. There should also be a rule about responding to verbal contact. If someone shouts out and there is no response, the person not responding is likely not willing to reveal their location and thus has hostile intent, If that person is then spotted they may be treated as hostile since they should've responded if they didn't want an escalation.
  5. Hi there, I think 5 meters of movement radius is too short, 5 meter is not even the full size of most gasstations meaning I can't go sit in a corner without the robbery being cancelled. Then there's the initiation rules. In my opinion agressively following, trying to block another vehicle and or shooting it's tires / rotors is also to be concidered initiation. It is then up to the initiated to respond in the way they see fit. If they choose to fight, a gunfight is a natural continuation of the situation. Verbal initiation is just impossible in some cases as in carchases and just unnatural. Rules are currently more of an obstacle for rp then anything else.
  6. **Disclaimer: This application is typed and submitted by JefBoy on Malskar's behalf** Community Name: Malskar Steam ID: 76561198083123214 How old are you?: 32 Country and timezone: UK / GMT Are you fluent in English?: Yes Time played on the server(Days/weeks/months etc.): A week today, roughly 80 hours. I joined on day one. I also played on it in the past, before the relaunch. Why do you want to become a police officer?(min. 100 words): In my opinion the Altis Police Force lacks the manpower and tactical experience to put a stop to the ever growing drugtrade and rampant robberies. I believe that I can be a productive and useful addition to the force and help make Altis a safer place. My goal is to protect the civilans and the innocent clerks at the gasstations.I love patrolling by land, I know that my mere presence will give the civilians that lay eyes on me a protected and warm feeling. Also I like boonie hats and flashgrenades. Give a backstory to you police officer character (min. 100 words): I am a strong, intelligent yet very humble man. A decendant from a long line of police officers I grew a mustache at the age of five. My ancestors were the first protectors of these lands and I am proud to continue that tradition. There was a time that I thought the coplife wasn't for me so I left my homeland and travelled the world, looking for a new goal in life. Let's just say I didn't find it and ended up in the French Foreign Legion and later a mercenary. When circumstances forced me to return, I realised how much I missed Altis. Alas I was shocked to find it in a bad state. Rampant crime and a corrupt government had ruined the land I grew up in. I cannot accept this. I want to do something about it any way I can. The police force seems to be the best place to start. Also I fucked Pepper's mum, married her and effectively created a salty Pepper. List some of your strengths and weaknesses: for strengs, see below. My biggest weaknesses are donuts and flying. What can you bring to the police force?: decent driving skills, crack shot, great teamplayer, great at de-escalating volatile situations. My charming presence. In your opinion, what makes a good police officer?: someone who knows how to resolve a situation with as little violence as possible and has a good insight in the criminal mind to predict their next move and stop them. Do you have any previous experiences as a police officer?(Explain): Yes, I was active on Frogman, the previous ROG server, Ragnarok, RPUK and Olympia as a police officer Have you read the server and community rules?: Yes
  7. Tested it but no issues to report.
  8. after prison time is up, player gets message he's released but he actually isn't. he remains in prison. Breaking someone out does work.
  9. Hunting Grounds findings: No XP for shooting / gutting rabbits / sheep Raw Rabbit/sheep meat not listed in market prices on the phone Unable to gut dead chicken in hunting grounds, not part of the hunting job? Rabbits can be shot and gutted outside of the Hunting Grounds, making the Hunting Grounds obsolete? Boats: RHIB comes in ambulance skin for civs Fishing: No xp for shooting turtles / catching them, no xp for shooting / catching fish. Used to be you could catch fish without having to shoot them, now pple need a boat license / boat or rebel license / sdar rifle before they can fish, basicly making fishing Housing: Broken atm, when clicking ' buy house' nothing happens SWAT: Clothes are invisble, vest / helmet / balaklava are visible. Removing / re-equiping doesn't fix. Flashbangs look like rocks, description says 'stone' COPS: Bomb defuse kit costs money Ochori bank seems bugged: Can't be robbed, boltcutters don't work on the vault, blasting charge said 'open vault before planting charge' sending people to jail doesn't work. tested from kavala police hq and air hq. player (Ants) is immediatly tp'd back to the hq and after 3 times kicked from the server. when reconnecting player keeps getting kicked. Player can rejoin after arma restart and is placed in jail.
  10. I'd love to help out with testing.

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