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  1. Community Name: Reliance Steam ID: 76561198387894795 How old are you?: 15 Country and timezone: EST Are you fluent in English?: Yes Time played on the server(Days/weeks/months etc.): Not very long. But I have a bunch of experience on many rp servers. And I would like to apply for a good rank. Why do you want to become a police officer?(min. 100 words): I feel like I would be a good fit or would want to become one because I have a lot of role play experience on many other servers and I feel like I get a communication through with players that other people cannot get through I also think that when I'm processing someone or any police situation that I could be in I can make it just a better experience for the player overall like I found in kav square I'm not just going to come up the people in the rest of them like I would actually role play it out like a norm like a normal couple be supposed to I also want to become a part of the department because I know there's an open rule for a high-ranked and I'd like to try to fulfill a goal to maintain that Rank and maybe help out the department and be a big part in what people see this APD Police Department on the server Give a backstory to you police officer character (min. 100 words): 30 years ago on the island of Malden my great-great-grandparents we're fighting in all the wars that were taking place during that time eventually After the War settled they had a very small opportunity to have kids which turned into my great-grandparents my great-grandparents grew up as very bad people Rob many stores and did many bad things after all they decide to have another child and that was my two parents at this time there was no war going on in Malden and there was peace between the land at this point nothing is happening right now and my parents are having me my parents are thinking about a big move to the island of altis which is just formed recently the island is becoming bigger and bigger as we speak and since my parents came I am here forever until I die to defend and fight for the community of altis List some of your strengths and weaknesses: My strengths are definitely being stealthy and coming up with plans the most people wouldn't expect our most people wouldn't expect me to be in a certain position that I would be in I'm also very good at gunning and decent role play the only disadvantage I really am facing is my driving isn't the best but I can make it good my role play is definitely the biggest strength I have an another strength would be definitely organizing things and making rules and stuff and that's why I'm trying to apply for the position that's not taken which is the assistant chief so my main disadvantage is driving but I'm still good at it and I don't have many other ones What can you bring to the police force?: The main skill that I can bring to the police force is what I call roleplay and I say that because I'm a very good role player and I think that my role playing can make people be more positive about what they're about to go through so like I wouldn't pull up to a situation And just go all crazy and RDM and stuff like that I'd actually roleplay it out to make myself look good and be a good cop over all i can also bring skill of being a high rank and recruiting if needed In your opinion, what makes a good police officer?: The thing that makes a good police officer is definitely roleplay skill and vehicle driving ability because you need all three of those main things to be able to play as a cop because cops need to be able to shoot then you'll be able to follow people and drive and they also need to be skillful and have a good roleplay amount so people respect them and think of them as good police officers Do you have any previous experiences as a police officer?(Explain): I have so much experience as cop I was even chief on my own server and I have been high ranks (low ones too) on so many different servers some being small and some being decenly good. Have you read the server and community rules?:Yes, I have Thank you for your time, Reliance

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