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  1. I'll respond to each point that you wrote: It's great to have a goal in mind when creating these types of servers. And the best thing about them? It won't always be about making the most complex scripts or features - but more about the adventure and how we can journey through it. The complexity is going to be more aimed towards Community Managers; listening to feedback (good and bad), understanding what the community needs and putting it into practice. Realising what's going wrong, and how to fix it. That's the only complexity necessary (in my opinion.) Well, one thing you could do is remove the processing parts, implement actual weapons that make capping the zone worth it and make it a red zone. Of course remove them from their current locations as they're in horrible positions right now. Perhaps one South-East of Altis, one North-West and one somewhere random that is out of the way (Pyrgos island?) The rewards would be money for capturing, and perhaps a small discount version of the Rebel Store as well as Experience points. I think that would be the way to go. This one I couldn't agree with more. Despite the server being a small player-base currently, you need all the members you can get - and you need them enjoying this server as much as possible. You can't afford to lose regulars due to silly outbursts and arguments. As far as I'm aware when looking around this website, one has already left due to another member. I have an idea as to who that member is, but for sake of arguments we'll generalise all of us here. This one is probably a crucial point mid-game. Make it a grind, but make it worth it. A grind that's worth it, will see more players within the community as it slowly builds. Licenses I'll say definitely need to be lowered in price. Thanks for the response. In future I'll probably post another thread involving a lot more suggestions. We'll see how this goes for now. Good luck.
  2. Hello all, most of you know me - I've been around so many servers in my time and I've come to learn a few things as well as experience different (and successful) servers. So my suggestions will cater to what makes popular servers... Well, popular... These suggestions will be great if this Community has thought long and hard about what they want out of the Altis Life server. Do you want it to go far? Do you want it to be just an internal Community where it doesn't grow, but is within a closely tied group? I've been a part of many servers ran by the leads of this community and those who are in the community. One thing that I've noticed, is that previous question wasn't asked to ourselves when making these servers. So my first unofficial suggestion is asking Owners, Founders and Management: "How far do we take this server and what are our goals?" That's a good start. Nonetheless, here are my suggestions: 1) Get rid of the Gang Hideouts, they create situations that manifest into Meta-gaming. How do Police actually know (in-game and in role-play) that they've been taken over? And they're all fairly close to Police Stations to the point that it makes no sense to have them anyway. Plus they can be abused when the server is dead and silent. Get them gone, they don't offer anything to game-play. This should push the Police to patrol the drug fields, processors and drug dealers more. 2) Police responses. Don't over-respond. If it's a mere fuel station robbery, we don't need the whole of the faction at one fuel station. Keep the numbers spread, send out 2-4 police officers and call for back up if necessary. (Do some recon before engaging to understand how many vehicles, personnel and firepower that you'll be going up against.) 3) Role-play. Role-play Role-play Role-play. There's nothing that grinds my gears more than somebody who is in a Whitelisted faction and/or holds a high stature on a server who doesn't have high role-play standards. That, and being completely quiet. Neither are acceptable and should be micro-managed until you have the role-play standard that you'd like to enforce. At the end of the day, everybody is on this server for the role-play aspect. Which means... We're all here to interact with people - to engage and get involved. To enjoy ourselves with different situations and a simple understanding of this will benefit the server and any whitelisted factions - yes, I'm mostly looking at the cops when I say that. The cops define the server. The first thing new members do on a server is either illegal activity, mess around a little to test the waters and interact with the Community at Kavala. Which has a high possibility of what? Of it being with the Police. I was on the server not long ago and was met with piss-poor role-play (I'm not going to report it and start making an issue out of it) but it's a great learning curve for this server to adapt and move forward. If members of the Police Force are only there for the free gear, easy ride and power - get them gone. They won't do anything for the server and will actually hinder it. This one is extremely vital. 4) Balance. Despite Suggestion 3, you need a balance of Combat and Role-play. Combat should be a reward for good role-play and should be treated as such. Don't just focus on role-play, as it hinders combat and end-game content. And don't concentrate on combat as... Well... We may as well just run a Wasteland server. 5) Prices. If you want to start getting into the competition on Altis Life (And let's be honest, there's a lot of competition as Altis Life is dying, and everyone surrounds themselves around the same, high end servers such as Reborn, Phoenix, Asylum and others. We need the server to be up to date with current trends and whatnot. And those are simple - Red zones which grant rewards (Such as airdrops, capture zones - very important, Permanent red-zones in diverse areas. Capping zones gives you X amount of money in one lump-sum, discounts in shops or money over time. Airdrops provide weapons, clothes and other equipment if captured successfully.) We're going to need to make sure the prices of items are not over-the-top. Can't charge too much for processing licenses and can't charge a shit ton for weapons anymore. I'm not saying make them dirt-cheap, anything but! Just find the middle-ground. 7.62's should be no more than 300-500k, etc. 6) Suppressors/silencers. Either make them disgustingly hard to come by, or get rid of them on this server completely. There's nothing like ruining every single combat situation where everyone has suppressors/silencers and not using them for intended purposes. 7) Scopes. This one's more of a personal preference - don't get rid of scopes. They ruin combat completely. Making it all close-range gives the exploiters, hackers and those who abuse DPI glitches and especially tower/staircase-lag the massive advantage. Keep all scopes in the game (Except from the obvious TWS and perhaps NVS - these take skill away from the game I think.) 8) Reward role-play and just enjoy yourselves. There's a lot more ideas that I have; such as removing the shoutbox (this gives the Forum more attention that it deserves and needs so that it seems more busier, rather than typing in a shoutbox,) Perk overhaul with better and improved perks, and quite a lot more. But I want to see how the current Community reacts to this post first, before I go into it more. Thanks for reading.

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