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  1. until
    Altis Protest - Come join "The Workers And Trades Society" Government House Clearances / reprosession The Altis Government in association with Hobo Construction plan to enter peoples homes within Altis, take back fixtures and fittings and in some cases furniture and Equipment. The free people of altis have in good faith purchased the houses with hard earned cash, when viewed the Items remained in the property. When the deal was done, there was no disclaimer that advised that the items contained within, where not included. Therefore are now the property of the home owner. It has been said that some of the items give people a head start or advantage over others. We understand that any modifications to the house that incude Barricades and so on, should be removed. But also NEVER be offered as a install service to residents. As stated the very reason for taking them out, still stands. As far as we can tell there is some sort of back door deal being done with the Government Banks and the private contruction Comapany "HOBO Construction". This Construction company is owned by one of Altis finest. Correct a Police Officer. We cannot and will not let this corruption stand in this wonderful land of the free and tollerent. MEETING TIME 21:30 (UK Time) Kav Square, with a small march to Kav Police station (This is to be a peaceful Demostration) Up with the people and down with the corrupt banks and companies.
  2. Vi Thank you for your application. We met and had a small interview in the form of a Test Cab Fare with a real customer. Driving was 100% Banter with the customer was 100% and flowing. As a result of this small test and looking at your application, we are happy to offer you a full time / Part time position at Altis Cab's (details to be worked out on your first official day) Thanks and welcome to the Gang..opps i mean Job. Mack
  3. 1. Your Name: Mack Black 2. The Date: 11/03/2018 3. How would you like your response? Posted here for the rest of the community to see 4. What is your Support request related to? Altis Life and the total Corrupt system 5. Please explain your request: I would like compensation for the following ; If the removal of items goes ahead, without my approval. then in the spirit of role play i would like compensation for the following Distress cause for the stolen items that will be removed without consent by the goverment Loss of earnings for the items removed. Loss of earnings, as i saved and saved to purchase this house and all the contents (sold as seen) Doctors bills, due to medication i have been taking since this stress was put on me Loss of Earnings for the sale of the house. I intend to sell this house, as a result of this dispute and time for court cases and mittigation, i will make a loss. Compensation for a new pair of underpants, as i shit a brick when i saw Negans post, I then shit them again when i seen the Goverment (devs) cave in and give him what he wants. Solicitors fee's Compensation for the time spent writing this email.
  4. I bought my house sold as seen, The aim was to make a profit. Please do not remove my furniture and TV without a Court oder and the bailif present. Black Property management will consider the removal of any items from my property as a crime and will want compensatation from Devs / Negan. 1 Million of your Altis Dollars will cover it. I would like a full investigation into the sale of the properties, and a total investigation of the currption that is going on with the Altis Goverment (Devs) and HOBO construction. You will be hearing from my solicitor in the near future. NONE RP (Suggest that the Items should have been removed before Server Open) I will be upset if this is done in a sneaky update without being discussed further, No offense Negan, we had a testing period and the server is open official. If this was to happen, it sould have been requested before Official open and long before we purchased our houses. Why do you request they are removed. Please make money off other players and the hard way. lol Mack
  5. FOR SALE 2 Bedroom Detached house Includes ; Garage ATM very very close. Furniture Sea Views Large front garden working gates Central Heating Double Glazing Prime Location : Near to Kav, but in the thick of the hussle and bussle. £ 3.5 Milion of your altis dollars for quick sale. Serious offers only, No times wasters. For more information contact Mack Black (Director of Black Properties a Sub Company of Altis Cab's)
  6. No i think he was saying the hes looking in the direction of that house, ie the windows. We have Investigated this and sent a agent out to see that he may have seen. This is what was seen...isnt that Slimmy's house..Which makes it even hard to understand why Vi would be checking Slimmy's house out... PS. didnt know slimmy had long hair ??!?!?
  7. Dont you worry Vi ...I will get to the bottom of this
  8. **WANTED** Altis Cabs are looking for new Drivers. (Part time and Full time.) Want to make a living and honestly...ish ?? Then apply to Altis Cabs (Gang) We will soon be applying to be a registered fraction AC's are looking for new drivers that can spend 50% of their time being lawful citizens, The rest of the time is your own to make money (Only 10% of any monies made from Cabs or other Activities is to be given to the Altis Cabs Bank). We can help with your first Cab and Licenses if needs be, Please complete the Application below, and let us know who you are. We are due to have a new Cab Rank and new style Altis Cabs soon. We will be moving away from the typical Bright yellow cabs, to somthing a little more dark and modern. Application Form Name : Age : Backstory: Reason for Joining : Own a Cab : Driving License : Other Liceses : "NON RP part of the post and Disclaimer. (Not to be used as RP info) Members of Altis Cabs on the whole do not carry weapons, unless within bag, or on a dangerous job Members of Altis Cab's, use the cover of the Taxi firm to appear legal Cab's duties will need to be done in between other (lets say non legal activities, 10% of which goes back to the gang bank) Deposities to the gang bank will then be used to buy equipment (Legal or Non Legal for the gang members, Such as guns, Licenses and New Cab's, Insurance in some cases) Speeding Tickets must be paid by the driver, We do not need the heat of the Altis Caps. Other Notes :
  9. Have you ever stopped and thought, what the hell is the man in the banner looking at, he has his binoculars out and is looking over the bay, above Kav. Below is the banner in question. Today it has been revealed this was put though the process of what they call photoshpped, Its a highly technical process that involves specialist computers and software. People with knowlege and skills way above my pay grade. We have been handed some evidence that suggests that the Altis goverment are holding back what that chap was really looking at... STAY OUT OF THE WATER......
  10. Taxi and Sat NaV training Night Training Nights will be provided. As we are new i suggest all Altis Cab's Driver get to gether for a fun Night of training on the Request a Taxi, Sat Nav system. Also how to advise the public to call us. Let me know what nights are better for you, i can almost any night with warning and planning. would be good to have 2 or 3 to get started. So far we have ; Gunner Tulia SilentManson Mack Whats your best nights to meet up, As close to opening night, I suggest fiday or saturday. Let me know chaps.

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