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  1. Pepper

    Perk System

    Hello! What you are pointing out, is not a bug. It is 100% of the base XP. So it doubles the base XP at level 3. It is not double from level 2. This is a good idea, however might be a bit too fast. I would rather make it so you get only 1 by default, and for every perk you get, you get one more. Example: Level 0: 1 Level 1: 2 Level 3: 3 Level 4: 4 Level 5: 5 What does everyone think about that?
  2. This will be brought up in the community meeting. Locked.
  3. Hello everyone! We feel that it is time for a community meeting. We will be discussing the community as a whole, and also talk about Altis Life. You are all invited, and we would be very happy if you all could make it. @SlimmyNinja will be announcing when exactly this meeting will be taking place. Thank you!
  4. Sustained, request denied! (Please post it in the correct area (https://rogclan.co.uk/index.php?/forum/27-compensation-request/) and use the correct template ( ))
  5. Hello! I will make it 10 meters in the next update. Please make proper suggestions on how we can change the rules.
  6. Pepper

    Stuff I've seen

    1. We feel like 6 hours is good for right now. I will talk to the rest of the staff team and get their opinion. 2. I love this idea. In fact, I am pretty sure we are already working on this. 3. Will be fixed next patch. 4. I completely understand your point, and I agree with it. My initial thoughts on that rule was to make it fair for both sides. (If civs did not have snipers, cops would not have snipers for example). I will get more opinions about this rule. 5. At the moment, sends out the request to cops unless there are no medics online. This can be fixed. I will also try to make a system where if there are no medics online, they are unable to request. 6. I am going to assume you mean the icons. Will be fixed soon. 7. I see your point, however the rule is there for a reason. The removal of this rule will lead to all robbers shooting at vehicles without any sort of roleplay first. Shooting vehicle may lead to accidental RDM aswell which is another reason why the rule is there. The only exception to that rule is using spike strips. I believe that is fair, but I will also get other opinions on this. 8. They should be able to. I will test this. 9. Was this tested recently? Patch added should fix this.
  7. All custom houses will be set back to default next patch.
  8. Registered Group Requests Group Name: Altis Defence Force Owner: ADF | Pepper How long you have been established: 2 days on this server. Type of Group: Rebel group Current member count: 4 members Why you should be a Registered Group (Min 200 words): The Altis Defence Force should become a registered group because we are all dedicated roleplayers, and we encourage everyone to roleplay. We are all experienced, and we follow the server rules. If we were to become a registered group, we would make a handbook that all of our members are to follow. We make sure to only recruit dedicated members who we feel certain are not going to break the rules. The Altis Defence Force has a rich backstory that has been thought out for a while. Everything that our group stands for, is based on roleplay. We will make sure to keep our group all about roleplay as long as we exist, and our story will get even richer every day we play on the server. We will make sure that we always create interesting roleplay scenarios for both other civilians and the police. There is always a reason for everything we do, and that is all tied to our story. We want to grow as a group, and find more dedicated and good members. We feel like we can do that better as a registered group. We understand that being a registered group is a big responsibility, and if we were to be chosen, we would take that responsibility very seriously. What you will bring to the community: We will bring fun roleplay scenarios to both other civilians and the police. We will bring serious roleplayers that will always roleplay before shooting. Background of your group (Min 200 words): The Altis Defence Force is a self-proclaimed military faction who focus on defending the civilians of Altis from law enforcement and rebel groups. The founding members of the Altis Defence Force were all normal civilians at one point, with normal jobs and families. About a year before they founded the group, they were all terrorized by rebels, and the police force over-stepping their boundaries as they tried finding these rebels. They lived in constant fear of the rebels who claimed living taxes in cities they controlled. When the police appeared, they would take people away for questioning, never to be seen again. The founding members talked about moving to Malden or Stratis for a while to get away from the corruption and the rebels, but it was too dangerous. In the year 2033, one of the rebel groups raided the village the founding members lived in. They attempted to recruit all men of fighting age and condition, and executed the rest. One of the founding members watched through a window as his family was executed. The founding members managed to find eachother in the chaos, and slipped away. That is when they decided to stop being the victim. That's when they decided that they were the ones that were going to stop the rebel groups from terrorizing innocent civilians. That's when they decided that they should be the ones in charge.
  9. Your application has been accepted! Please join the "Waiting for Interview" channel in teamspeak to recieve your interview.
  10. Your application has been denied for the following reason(s): You have been permanently banned from the server.
  11. You have passed your interview. Welcome to the Altis Police Departement!
  12. Your application has been placed on hold for the following reason(s) Please meet the 100 word requirement on the two questions Once the requirement is met, we will re-review your application.

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