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  1. Please delete the templates that you do not require, for example if posting in "Support Ticket" please only display the support ticket template! Support Ticket 1. Your Name: 2. The Date: 3. How would you like your response? **Either on the Ticket below, Via Teamspeak or Via Email** (Delete Appropriate) 4. What is your Support request related to? **Either Forums, Teamspeak, Game Server, Player, Staff Member or Other** (Delete Appropriate) 5. Please explain your request:
  2. Please ignore this date, further information will be provided later on.
  3. @RRunner We have found the issue with this! We will be fixing this ASAP.
  4. Peter, Unfortunately we are not specialists in this area. We have no affiliate with "Republic of Gamers" our name is "Republic of Gaming" slightly different but were a gaming community. However if I could help I would, its a bit odd that it worked before and doesn't now, if any of our members know an answer they will reply to this, but my advice would be to take it into an independent computing company and get them to run some tests to work it out. Out of curiosity how old are your monitors and would they support your new set up? Thanks
  5. Hi @RRunner We will look into it, Thanks for letting us know.
  6. Hey @Joshy Thank you for your kind words. We are actually in the process of advertising the server. There is also alot of work in the background which is why our activity isn't that high ATM. We plan to get everyone back into the server and playing along with introducing regular events. In terms of your discord comment, unfortunately that will be something we never do. We are very anti discord, but we do have a very active and reliable teamspeak server. Anyone is welcome to us this even if there not playing out servers. If you feel like a chat let us know where always on it. Thanks Vi
  7. I might do, not sure yet. Was very very disappointed with the Divison 1
  8. Hi All, I apologize that I couldn't attend the community meeting, I managed to mess up what I was working! However from what I have heard the meeting went well and a few of you expressed your opinions which is great. There are just a few bits I would like to cover which are about the community its self and to increase member activity. First of all: The RoG website is currently undergoing an overhaul. Im putting alot of work into it to help make it easier for members to use, and so that more information can be displayed. You probably wont see any difference for a while but I plan to release the whole overhaul in one go. We now have a calendar system built into the website, this allows us admins to input meetings, events, birthdays etc and you will have noticed on the forum page, an "upcoming events" box so that you can all see what is happening. I am also in the process of building a home page. This will show important information about the community, along with events, staff list and news. This will become the main page of the website along with an improved navigation bar to easily access the forums and other pages. Along with the new home page im looking at changing the website theme, but I would like your opinions on it. Below this you will find a link to the demo theme, please have a look at it and share your views and comments below: https://heosforo.com/demo/ I am also introducing a ticket system, no more opening the forum, searching for the correct area, finding the template!! This new system will allow members and guests to submit tickets on each category, and each ticket will go to the correct area so that the staff team can effectively deal with your requests! Lastly: We now have altis life up and LIVE! As a community we need your help in keeping this server up and keeping it active. We plan to put some advertisements out to help boost the views, we are also looking at having regular events. This would mean every week or every two weeks there will be an event to engage the members. Along with this we are looking at creating a new role, "EVENT ADMIN" this new role will be in charge of creating all the events, running the event and advertising the event. This way we can make sure that each week or two weeks there is an event. Just before I end this I want to thank all our members that have stuck around. We have been through a few tough times but with your support we have been able to bring our self back up! Its not easy running a community. There is alot of work done behind closed doors that none of you know about. Kat, pepper and silm are always working on the server to make it better and enjoyable, they spend alot of time working on it, whether in game or out so thank you guys. And then there is myself, I know you may not see me that often or see me in game but that because i literally dont stop. I work very long and unsociable hours for my job, and when I get home I seem to just sit down and end up doing something for the community. Whether thats work on the website or issues with the dedicated server or altis, I would like to play the server but alot of the time it isnt possible as there is always something that needs doing! So please dont think that just because were not ingame were not doing anything! We are trust me. If were not ingame were most likely doing something for the community. Our goal is to bring reliable and fun servers to everyone and this will never change, and we will always thrive to do just that. Thank You to whoever read this, and please comment below any suggestions you may have, your view of the new theme or any opinions you would like to share. All the best RoG Vi
  9. Hello thanks for your application @J.conner However you haven't used the required template. Please re post your application using the below template: Please title your application like this: "YourNameHere" HATOApplication  Community Name: Steam ID: How old are you?: Country and timezone: Are you fluent in English?: Time played on the server(Days/weeks/months etc.): Why do you want to Join HATO (min. 100 words): Give a backstory to you HATO character (min. 100 words): List some of your strengths and weaknesses: What can you bring to HATO?: What can you bring to HATO?: Have you read the server and community rules? (YOU WILL BE ASKED ABOUT THESE):
  10. ⚠️ *_COMMUNITY MEETING_* *THURSDAY @ *18:00 GMT*⚠️ Notes will be taken down so bring your thoughts and ideas guys!
  11. Hi jef, Not sure if anyone had spoken to you about your suggest. If they have ignore my comment. If they haven't we will have a look and get back to you. Vi
  12. Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation

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